Website Maintenance

We are like you, founders/company owners & we know the value of TIME and how long it would take for us do Search Engine Optimisation plus Social Media Marketing by ourselves.

We have even tracked it for our earlier startups. To make an impact on the digital front, it would take a minimum of 200-300 hours per month for about 6 months at least. That is one month of work per month & as founders, we don’t have the TIME for SURE.

So we built a team to do our SEO & SMM in 2014. Based on our experience, we now know the nuances/growth hacking strategy & would be happy to deliver these services for you, that too in a cost-conscious manner.

Scope of work


6-8 Pages


8-10 Pages


10-12 Pages

Approx. Hours203060

Updating content

Image/Gallery Manager Video  Manager YouTube Video Embeds News Management Events Management Blog Page

Social Media Links

Updating Banners3 banners5 Banners8 Banners
Fixing site errors
Website backup
Site monitoring
Payment Gateway issue
Adding Products15 Products
Products Updating20 Products
Shopping Cart issue
Minimum Contract6 Months6 Months6 Months
Monthly Cost€ 250€ 350€ 700
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